Artwork Requirements

To ensure the best quality reproduction of your artwork, we will need your artwork to be sent in vector format. We can work with a wide variety of industry-standard file types, using extensions such as .ai, .eps, .pdf .svg or vector file formats. Pixel-based art is not recommended for use, as it does not reproduce well when screen printed. For an example of the difference in screen print quality between a vector-based and pixel-based logo see image to the right.

If you have sponsors, your sponsors should be able to provide the correct file formats for you, at your request. If they are unable to provide vector art for you, then the next best option will be to obtain an image of their logo that is as clean and legible as possible. We can rebuild sponsorship logos for you at no cost, but cannot guarantee accuracy.

Buyer shall indemnify and hold seller harmless from all liabilities, losses, damages, suits, demands, and expenses arising in connection with the use of any picture, plate, advertising copy, specifications, or material furnished to seller by buyer, including but not limited to any claim of infringement of patent, trademark, copyright or other property right, or invasion of privacy. All designs are subject to production acceptance and can be refused due to the nature of content or if deemed in bad taste.